We are excited to announce the next step in our journey! Starting this summer, Studio Gray is joining efforts with Susan G Komen Memphis-Midsouth in a brand new program, Dancing for the Cure. Studio Gray’s “To Go” program, as well as its studio classes will continue to promote fitness and exercise while educating the community about breast cancer and supporting this great cause.

Unfortunately, not all kids or groups can take advantage of our studio based classes, so we created the Studio Gray “To Go” program. People across the Mid-South are able to be part of the Studio Gray team at their schools, community centers, and businesses.

Studio Gray is a dance studio that offers a wide range of dance classes for students ages 2 and up. Our unique focus on dance, exercise, and community involvement helps foster well rounded dancers both in the studio and out in the community.

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-Payment in full is due at your first class each month. Payments received after the 10th of the month will be assessed a mandatory $20.00 late fee, no exceptions. Any account not paid in full by the 15th of the month is considered delinquent, and result in instruction suspension, no exceptions. A 5% discount is available to students who wish to pay their entire semester tuition in advance (applies only if student enrolls and pays tuition in full by January 18, 2014).
-Tuition is based on the number of classes/hours for which the student is registered – not the student’s attendance throughout the month. If you stop attending a class without dropping the class (see “dropped classes” below), you are still obligated to pay the tuition you committed for the class. We are like your utility company, fitness gym, country club, phone service, cable TV, or any other business that provides you a service. Failure to utilize the services you registered for does not exclude you from your financial obligation.
-Dropped classes: If you drop a class for any reason, you must submit a request 30 days in advance, via email to info@mystudiogray.com, and notification must be acknowledged by the studio. Failure to do so does not exclude you from paying for the class.
-Refunds: There are NO REFUNDS on any payments made to Studio Gray, including, but not limited to tuition, costume fees, and show fees.
-Prorated tuition: Tuition is prorated only when a student joins a class after the class has already met at least once during the month. We do not prorate tuition if a student decides to drop a class in the middle of the month (see “dropped classes” above), or if the student misses a class for any reason.

Missed Lessons
No refund or credit will be issued by the studio for missed lessons, however the student will be allowed to take another class in its place. Studio Gray observes and will close for all Memphis City School holidays and snow days. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather or holidays will not be made up, however the student will be allowed to take another class in its place.

Studio Gray may choose to produce two annual performances – One in mid December, and another in mid June. December and June tuition is not prorated, as additional rehearsals take place prior to these performances, and we must pay our instructors for these rehearsals. A mandatory $75.00 show fee (per production) is required for each student who performs in these events. The show fees are due with your December and June tuition. This fee helps offset facility rental and production costs, and allows us to provide free admission to the shows. You are also provided access to our SmugMug.com photo albums, where you can download free digital photos of all performances. DVDs may be purchased separately from an independent third party videographer, who records all of our performances. Performance costumes (rental and/or purchase) are billed separately, and are not included in tuition or show fees.

Class Termination
Studio Gray reserves the right to cancel or change the time of any class. In case of a cancellation, you will be moved to another class.

Media Release
I authorize Studio Gray, Inc. to photograph and/or record me or the above-mentioned student, and grant them the right to use such materials for marketing purposes

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity
I (we) fully understand and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers associated with participation in dance activities and events which could result in bodily injury. I affirm that my child is in good health and suffers no physical impairment that could limit their use of the facilities of Studio Gray, Inc. I specifically agree that Studio Gray, Inc., and/or Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth , its officers, employees and instructors shall not be held liable for any claim, demand, or cause of action of any kind for personal injury, property damage or loss resulting from or related to my child’s use of Studio Gray, Inc. facilities or their participation in any dancing, exercise or activity under direction of the Studio, whether within or without the studio premises. I hereby therefore covenant not to sue Studio Gray, Inc.. and/or Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth ,its officers, employees or instructors in the event of any such injury or loss.

I may at any time and for any reason cancel said authorization with a formal notice, emailed to and acknowledged by the studio, a minimum of seven days prior to the next month of training. Cancellation shall be emailed to info@mystudiogray.com. Performance costumes (rental and/or purchase) are billed separately, and are not included in tuition or show fees. My signature indicates acceptance of Studio Gray’s current policies, as well as policies stated within this agreement.


  • Combo class for beginners ages 2-5
  • Beginner Tumbling ages 2-5
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Jazz