Studio Gray Elite

Studio Gray Elite is the studio’s competitive team. We have both dance and cheer teams. We offer for those students an intense level of training. This program is dedicated to elevating technique and artistry of the serious minded student.


Students will rehearse every Sunday preparing for local competitions and workshops as well as different benefits and festivals around town.



To offset some of the cost of competitions, Studio Gray has a number of different fundraisers, Krispy Kreme, Heart Shaped Cheesecakes, T-shirts, and LaughSprin Tickets.

Download Fundraiser Forms (pdf)


  • $75  a month for Sunday rehearsals
  • Solo rate: $250 and includes 5 one hour choreography rehearsals. Anything after that will be privates.
  • Duet/Trio: $300 for 5 one hour choreography rehearsals. Anything after are privates
  • Small groups: $50 an hour.